Warning these files are sent to us and we simply post them. We have made every effort to check them for errors but you should check them prior to implementing.

We will convert these files for you just ask, it's still freeware.

We are getting requests for Hotel and Institutional specific software. How many hospital, nursing homes and B&I settings are interested? Email us as we have tons of tools for these operations and are willing to post a new page for each if the demand is there. Believe it or not we have cyclic dietitian app. menus, Declining balance inventories, Tray cards, snack label programs and so on.

These files are some of ours and most come from people like you. We don't do extensive testing on Freeware file so check to ensure these files calculate the way you need them to.

To run these programs it requires a .dll file from Microsoft we offer the download here. Simply download and double

click to install and soon you'll be up and running in the profit zone. If you need other files or .dlls to run these tools EMail the message that gives the description and we will send them to those that run older computers.

All downloads are freestanding simple Visual Basic 6© or Visual C++© exe's and Excel / Word files. Enjoy the profits. We will be releasing them as they come to us.

To download using Netscape click on the file you want to download and save to your desktop.

To download a .xls file it may open on the net if so go to file save as and choose desktop.

To download a file from I. Explorer right click save target as then choose desktop.

Right Click   Choose Desktop

Please leave a feedback or e-mail. To report bugs or questions or programming requests e-mail link below.  

Microsoft Visual Basic 60 ® runtime file      You must install this file to run the VB6 programs.                

1. Menu Item pricing tool VB6

A simple tool that will take A/P prices and extend them to menu price suggestions. Can also be used to price a recipe, ingredients

or current menu items. Most managers use it to cost out case products like meats for A/P to portion size to menu price. 

just open more than one at a time if you need

2.  Weekly Labor forecasting tool VB6

Use this tool to calculate your scheduling needs for the day or week based on projected sales. This tool is responsible for

saving thousands in scheduling miscalculations. 

3. Operating statement / Restaurant budget Wizard VB6

Use this tool to figure your annual budget or use it at the week, or period end to gauge your units health. A manager must!

4. Cost of Goods for restaurants VB6

This tool is simple math but allot of managers love it for its speed and portability. Its small and easily opened in a large 

program window. Like your inventory software.

5. Liquor purchasing budget program VB6

Never again spend over your budget. This tool will keep you in the profit zone.

6. Quick Check Labor schedule budget program VB6

Factor into your labor needs Taxes and managers wage. This is a tool that amazes managers that do not factor in

these expenses.

7. Automated employee schedule for restaurants   Excel ® or Lotus ®

Use this in Excel or Lotus. We have allot of automated schedules available for free download with no passwords.

This one being used by a company nation wide saving $$$. We can deliver free schedules for up to 200 employees.

8. Food cost budget tool  (Scale down ver.)  VB6

This tool feeds back your exact spending budget for vendor ordering or stock by the month week or biweekly ordering.

 Small simple exact.

9. Inventory control program  Excel ® or Lotus ®

This Inventory works on issue and receipt data. It is a good system for bar and lounge operations but can be used for

various inventory types. You can easily make changes to the inventory type and its structure. No protection no hidden


10  Spread Sheet Inventory with Summery Excel ® or Lotus ®

This restaurant inventory also has a food cost work up sheet attached to the summery page. Pre set up for regular

restaurant ops. Includes 104 entries per category, Dry, Paper, Fresh, Frozen, Dairy, Summery for a total of 500+ items.

11 Wait staff Tip and wage Calculator  VB6

How many calls have you gotten from the corporate office telling you that your waitresses are not claiming enough

in tips? Why is it that is nearly imposable to teach your Asst. the math? Well here is a tool that will do it for you.  

12. Automated Payroll  system  Excel ®& Lotus®

This payroll system has been designed for up to 50 employees. It will also calculate your over 40 hrs overtime 

and extend the totals of regular and overtime rates  automatically. This feature will save valuable time and mistakes.

13. Statement of income "3 yr. Cash Flow"  Excel ®& Lotus®

Approved by the national restaurant Assoc. and Small business Assoc.

Fully functional and designed exclusively for restaurants. 

14. Excel Restaurant budget forecast spreadsheet   Excel ®& Lotus®

Here is a spreadsheet solution for yearly budgets information gathering. Great Tool for multi unit budgets.

16. Excel Restaurant  Payroll Summery Worksheet   Excel ®& Lotus® 

Here is a spreadsheet solution for weekly payroll budgeting and information gathering. This can also be used  for end of the week labor report. Formatted with all the necessary formulas and forecasting abilities. 

17. Excel Restaurant  Gross Sales Worksheet   Excel ®& Lotus®

Another spreadsheet solution for the back office accounting system. This tool will track by category all of your sales and keep a weekly and month to date total automatically. The form is pre setup to track Food sales, Catering, Banquet, Liquor, Wine, Beer and a gifts by category. We have also designed it to feed back a sales percentage by category for easier forecasting.

18. Excel Restaurant  Internal Database   Excel ®

By Request! Here is a spreadsheet solution for those that require a internal database for large files. This is a simple way to manage large amounts information. We setup this form to be easily changed to manage any data you wish. This comes with 2 simple templates to give you an idea of how to set it up. One template is a basic employee data file and one is a fixed and portable equipment inventory. We've installed a few basic macros to aid in the addition and deletion or reviewing of information.

19. Banquet / Catering Quote Program   VB6 / Text® Zip file Being upgraded

Quoting Banquets and catered events often begins with a initial phone call, jotting a menu, Making a contract for the kitchen and then calculating a quote sheet then getting the contract signed. Wouldn't it be nice to have a program that will allow you to choose a menu, cost it out and make a kitchen contract and a extended contract on a excel or word template that allows you to give a quote while your still on the phone with the customer instantly? What if that same program would have a fax copy ready as soon as you get off the phone and have a menu data base that was easy to update. Sorry the downloadable version doesn't do all of that but it will give you a instant quote and database options. You'll have to contact us for the full version.

20. Restaurant Sales comparison and forecasting fixed      Excel ®     

This sheet was built for a client that wants to measure the sales effects of marketing and promo's. This client also wanted the ability to compare each weeks sales and next weeks forecast at a glance. This will show daily and weekly sales averages by category and also give push button comparisons of both. We have also included a expense and projected profit total for the day, week or period. As always there are no hidden formulas or macros. Very versatile tool for restaurant managers and sales departments.

21. Restaurant Sales / contact address book with database      VB 6 ®    

Here is a simple sales contact or address book with Txt database. This one includes Name, address, Email, phone #, Notes section. You can also search and edit as information changes. This is very small and easy to use we had a request so here it is.

22. Hotel Night Audit Worksheet      Excel ®    

This sheet was sent to us via Email it's sender thought you could use it. This is designed for a full service hotel with restaurant and banquet facilities. The worksheet will track a week long Pd. room sales, Tax ex. rooms, Comp's, phone, vending, Restaurant, Bar, catering, banquet, Room rates, OCC.% etc.

23. Declining Balance Purchase Order     Excel ®    

Never over spend your budget on food or supplies with this purchase order. This form reacts to sales and budget COG's. It will provide its user with real time budget figures and subtract each item ordered from the budget balance. We have taken into consideration that you may order more than once a week and is preset to let you choose both options.

24. Weekly Profit and Loss Graph     VB6.0 ®    

This download is useful to those who are asking for charting and graphs for sales data. This one did actually extract data from a current restaurant profit and loss program and sends that data to Excel plus builds a graphic analysis of the sales figures. It then is sent to  the Corp. office via PCAnywhere in the middle of the night. (Data extraction cuts file size plus Excel Remote transfers fast.) But it will build a Excel sheet and then chart the data you can then change or link it to your own sales figures. We do allot of PCAnywhere scripts for restaurants. Give it a try you may find it useful.

25. Balance Sheet     Excel ®    

Here is a balance sheet built for the hotel restaurant industry and can be easily modified for your operation. This one has many automated features that will ease the process of balance documentation.

26. Purchase Order Program VB6.0  zipped®    

This is a must have! This purchase order program will load your inventory to allow you to create a standard purchase order. Features include: Selection of products and quantities while listing the unit price and extended amount automatically. Plus if you wish to enter your order budget it will decline based on your purchases. Listed in 2 separate lists one for Food stock and one for paper products. Easy entry of new products and price change updates. Once you have filled in your units data and built a purchase order push a button and a formatted purchase order is built instantly in Excel and ready to print. This program offers all of the information for extensions and budget balances. A time saver that offers any manager complete control over purchase order budget spending. Also has a smart search feature for those who have hundreds of stock items. Simply start typing (1 or 2 letters) the item you wish to add to the order and VB will sort through the list and return your exact choice.

27. Winzip®    

Need winzip 8.0 get it here!        I like this version   right click unzip it in place.

28.Restaurant  Bank Loan Program VB 6.0® 

We've added this program for all of the spreadsheet loan users out there. This program is much better  and faster at feeding back information to help make decisions that will impact your operation. 3 entries and push a button and your there. Features: Loan amount, Interest rate, Length of loan input and feeds back your monthly payment amount, Payment towards principal and interest for each month. Plus will show your present and future balance in declining grid form. 

29.Recipe Database exe Program VB 6.0 zipped®     Recipe Database files .mdb 

We've added this recipe program that comes with a database . Search, Add, Modify, Delete, Update and Print. Comes with a few hundred recipes installed. And it's Free!!!!!! Email us and we can give you the URL to several thousand recipes in text form so you wont have to click several thousand times on someone's site. File also includes the .dlls older computers need to run these programs.


30.Payroll calculator VB6.0® 

Calculates full payroll details. Use it to cut checks for small ops.

31.Inventory program VB6.0 zipped® 

Very complete system that works on a server or PC database. Also uses Excel for reports such as summaries and templates. Uses MS Access as a database connection. Includes current, usage, posting, unit cost and receipt price and transfers plus more.


32.Excel Shipping Calculator ® 

Excel shipping calculator for projection and purchase order requests dealing with shipping costs.

33.M.S. Word Restaurant Menu  zipped ® 

Here is a complete menu template written in Microsoft Word®. This example is letter size and 4 pages long. Also it has a good Italian Dinner menu as a guide. A very good look at how to use Word to design restaurant menus.

34.M.S. Word Restaurant Menu  zipped ® 

Same as above but a lunch Italian menu in legal size.

35.M.S. Word Restaurant Menu  zipped ®  Cover   Inner

Same as above but a lunch Italian menu to go size.

36.M.S. Word Restaurant Menu  zipped ®  Cover  Inner

Same as above but a dinner to go.

37.Business Plan, MSWord ® 

Small business plan for startup restaurants. (This one got by the bank). 

38.Employment Application, MSWord ® 

Here is a well written Employment application  for your restaurant. 3 pages MS Word doc ready to modify and print.

39.Daily Cash Sheet, MSExcel ® XLT file

Here is a daily cash sheet that was sent to us. It works well but needs modified for restaurant specific operations. Stay tuned because we are going to post a program that will automate the cash sheet reporting process soon. We are researching the impact it will have on software providers for cash accounting. We don't mind upsetting a few software providers but we look at who we might.

40.Daily Cash Sheet Database, VB 6.0 New with runtimes

Here is a daily cash sheet that has a complete database for retaining your operations information. It will display daily sales, disc, mgr. returns, tax, P/O, Vouchers or coupons, Net, Gross, Emp. Disc., Cash Deposits, Charges, Accts. Rec., Food, Liquor, Franchise 1, Franchise 2, Catering or Banq. Plus 3 cash registers. Comes in a zip file that contains a setup package with all the necessary run time files. 1.99mb This program was built for a client and has the ability to send the database to Excel and build a complete report and a analysis chart. Some features are disabled in this free version. It does come with complete record and database features. A great tool for the cash register operation. Also there is complete record or whole database printing. Enjoy. The programmer will also allow release of the full version of this package for $25.00. The full version is worth it weight in control information.

41.PayRoll Program w/  Database, VB 6.0 New with run times

Here is a Payroll program that will track employee hours and $ amount. This program will record as many employees as you like and retain the information for future review. It can be used by those who pay by the week, every 2 weeks or bi monthly. It has a hours brought Fwd. and Month to date totals. It also tracks hours and $ by the week and Month to date.   Enjoy. This is a very powerful freeware tool. The programmer will also allow release of the full version of this package that will replace your current tracking program for $35.00. The full version allows calculating a tax hypothetical for payroll, state and federal taxes that are passed on to the unit level. Also printing and payroll reports by the week 2 weeks and month. What ever process you have this will track your payroll.

42. Accounts invoice program 

Here is a invoice program with database. This will track your Incoming invoices for your restaurant by category and display a summary. The freeware version allows you to track Vendor  Invoice#,  Date of invoice, food, paper, Liquor, Equ. Repairs, Services, Trans, News and advert., laundry, Cleaning supp., Permits, Office supp, postage, Retail and other. Also you can record how the invoice was paid for ( Cash P.O., Account, Check) The program will total the entire invoice plus record notes. Add records, Delete, Edit, search and run a grid report. Enjoy.

43. POS System Written in Visual Basic 6.0    Word Doc

Here it is a full blown POS program built for restaurants. We set out to build a Touch face POS system for less than $1000.00 and we did. We have been running it in a Med. Volume restaurant for the past 4 months and have not had a hiccup so we have decided to share it with our members. We paid $40.00 for a Pentium grade computer from the local Good Will. We bought 2 Micro Touch touch screen monitors from Ebay for $240.00 and 2 Epson TmT-80 thermal printers from the same source for $100.00. Our local comp USA provided the serial ports for the printers. We setup one monitor at our wait station with 1 printer. The PC is located under counter. VB6 is very fast so we did not have to install the second monitor and have not experienced a back up.  We ran one printer to the kitchen from there they get only a kitchen order. Our wait staff took all of 1 hour to become comfortable with all of this systems features and have been able to double their productivity and tips ( Customer Satisfaction). We have also reduced our staff because of this increased productivity. This system handles employee, sign in / out ,Server sales at a glance 31 tables in the database (Expandable), Open table list, Closed Table list, Windows calc. Bartender guide with database plus ticket printing, Managers functions include: Sever table list, Sales report, server totals, Tip and sales report, Menu editing, Add delete servers, Time card reset, Deleted items report, Sales Mix, Quick sales check, Printer testing, Sales deleting capability, Close with or without time card reset, Cash out, Open Cash drawer, Sales Backup, Sales mix backup. Server functions include: Time table opened, Current time, Split check feature, full menu at their finger tips by category, Appetizers, soups/salads, sandwiches, pastas, Poultry, Steaks, Seafood, Desserts, Children's menu, Beverages, Bar Drinks, Specials, Comments, Adult and child buffet, To Go. Each category contains 24 sub item buttons. easy to read Sub Total, Tax and Total box. Kitchen ticket window and guest check window, send to Kitchen button, remove Item Button, Print Guest check Button and Done button. Wait staff can easily split a check or add item in any function mode. And much more. We are including the POS.exe setup program with full source code available!! Free We will soon post the documentation and screen shots. Beats paying $8-$20000.00 for one. Developers Contact us for the VB6.0Code.

44. Cash Flow Program

Full Cash Flow Program available to Members.

45. Job Description Template and Sample  MS

Here are samples and a template for your job descriptions. Due to one day you may possibly be in a court room defending your job descriptions we do not release them completed.

46. Menu Analysis

This program is provided free of charge to the National Restaurant Association to provide a resource to their membership in the area of menu sales mix analysis. The software program was adapted by David V. Pavesic, Ph.D., CHE, FMP with the programming assistance of Computer Information Systems masters students, Nicholas Yu and Pinaki Mitra. This program is an example of how practical operations knowledge and the "magic" of computer technology can come together and create a management tool. It combines practical restaurant menu sales mix analysis data with computer technology utilizing Microsoft Excel 97 and Visual Basic for Applications. I wish to thank these young men for their technical assistance in making this program so "user-friendly."

47. Employee meal sheet

Simple Excel meal tracking sheet (Requested)

48. A few more day sheets (Cash Sheets)  Word    Excel

We get allot of requests for day sheets so here are a few more. Both of these are from restaurants that use the bankers method of varying beginning and ending  safe and drawer balances.

49. Another Restaurant schedule

This schedule is from a cafeteria it has extended departments

We've been asked to remove several of these tools from this site because there are software companies that sell  these tools for hundreds or in some cases even thousands. It is not our intent to compete with these companies . It is our intent to help managers in the restaurant industry become successful managers with information tools.

50. Full policy manuals


Policy Manuals and employee  regulations® 

Here is a collection of hard to find restaurant hotel specific policy manuals , handbooks and forms that every new restaurant can use. Includes:. 15 Zipped files (75 pages?) total in Word® format. Check your local state laws for compliance. Policy manual, Attendance, New hire, Change of status, Employee handbook, Vacation policy, Time off request, Time off policy, Company property, Micro computer release, Corrective action, Corrective counseling, performance dev. Relatives, Safety  Emerg. Contact, Injury, Term Check list and so on.

These are very hard and time consuming to build from the ground up and expensive to have an attorney to build for you. Here is a set to simply edit and have reviewed to meet your states law saving you time and money. 

51. Restaurant Startup Package downloads/

We have put together a package for the new upstart restaurant. It has all the tools you will need to kick your cash and business management practices correctly. Remember a new upstart needs all the controls possible to ensure success.

Package Includes

bulletRestaurant business plan

This is a well written Word document that is editable to fit your needs. It is designed to give you the foundation for submitting it to a lender.

bullet3 year cash flow

This form is a automated version of the small business associations 3 year cash flow chart. It is designed in MS Excel. 

bullet2 types of Daily Cash Sheets

Restaurant account for the days business in the same manor basically. We have provided the 2 most popular cash sheets that will report your sales income from your "Z" to cash +/-. MS Excel

bullet2 types of labor tracking and restaurant payroll ledgers

Labor posting is a management time consumer. We have 2 well used Excel sheets that will calc. reg. and OT for the week or pay period. These also include a summary sheet for easy labor percentages based on your restaurants sales.

bulletVendor / Invoice ledger

This is a tool for posting vendor invoices. It not only keeps track of expenditures but will also allow you to categorize by GLU or group.

bullet2 types of Inventory and Food cost management tools

We have packaged our 2 most requested inventory files. Both allow you to post and extend by category. Receipt prices are easily managed and extensions are automated. One includes a food cost workup again automated.

bullet2 types of employee schedules (1 automated to figure sales and labor % totals)

Very easy to use and manage. One is a standard restaurant employee schedule that includes the ability to predict employee hours available based on sales and labor budget. The second schedule template is adapted to a day, night schedule format.

bulletDeclining food cost purchase order forms. (Automated)

If your budget allows you to spend $1000.00 on a food purchase this will measure the invoice total and decline from your budget dollar amount.